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Transforming Tomorrow's Leaders Today for Christ.

Much of what goes on at CCA is designed to prepare our students to be effective witnesses as their Biblical worldviews develop. There are fine arts offerings, athletic opportunities, specific discipleship activities, and, of course, academics, as that is the core of what we do. 

Our approach to curriculum and instruction not only prepares students for the future marketplace but will also convey the evidence of creation and the promises and warnings offered by a wise and loving God. Our goal is to help students see the genuine truth: that God is the one who created this world. He is the one who holds it all together so they can be effective witnesses for Christ wherever they are called. 

Our tuition and fees have been able to fund the operation of a Christian school program that is changing lives.

But when funds are given above and beyond tuition, exciting things happen, and our kids are the direct beneficiaries. Previous donations have provided computers, iPads, a new playground, a school bus, and much more. These tools have taken the learning experience at CCA to a new level.

Your donation to CCA makes it possible for us to help students acquire knowledge as God urges us to do.

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge,
and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

-Proverbs 18:15, ESV

Please consider partnering with us to realize all God has called us to do. Your financial help will affect our current school families, our greater school community, and the lives this ministry will touch in the future.

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