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The teacher is

at the heart of Calvary Christian Academy's pursuit of excellence.

In addition to educational certification, we ensure that our teachers are spiritually mature believers, called and equipped by God with hearts for shepherding and instructing our most precious gifts: our children. This is especially important because the character of our teachers will be mirrored in their students.

Everyone who is perfectly trained will be like his teacher.  (Luke 6:40, ESV)

For this reason, CCA does not compromise on a stringent faculty selection process — our goal is to build a faculty that reflects the character of Christ.


Percentage of our faculty who have earned their Bachelor's degree. 


                     Percentage of our faculty who have earned their Master's Degree.


Percentage of our faculty who have been teaching for five years or more.


                     Percentage of our faculty who have been teaching for ten years or more.

Because CCA is a ministry of Calvary Port St Lucie, we benefit from the support of the church's pastoral leadership, administrative staff, and integration with other ministries in our endeavor to make disciples and prepare our students spiritually, academically, and socially.

  Name Title
Danneil Ainsworth Ainsworth, Danneil 1st Grade Teacher
Geraldine Alvarez Alvarez, Geraldine
Michael Alvarez Alvarez, Michael PE/STEAM Teacher
Saira Apostolico Apostolico, Saira Performing Arts Teacher
Arielle Bickley Bickley, Arielle 2nd Grade Teacher
Gage Brown Brown, Gage Athletic Director/PE Teacher
Lori Brown Brown, Lori ESE Specialist
Allison Bruno Bruno, Allison 2nd Grade Teacher
Rose Cardoso Cardoso, Rose Instructional Aide
Corinne Correa Correa, Corinne Secondary School ELA & Bible Teacher
Eliza Dowdy Dowdy, Eliza Director of Preschool
Leah Duskin Duskin, Leah
Nichole Forston Forston, Nichole Teacher
Nicole Frank Frank, Nicole Instructional Aide
Steven Fritz Fritz, Steven Security Officer
Mary Garcia Garcia, Mary Administrative Aide
Carina Gasparini Gasparini, Carina Instructional Aide
Eleni Grothe Grothe, Eleni ESE Specialist
Kelly Holmberg Holmberg, Kelly Kindergarten Teacher
Kelly Jimenez Jimenez, Kelly Extended Care Aide
Spencer McBride McBride, Spencer IT Specialist
Beth McDilda McDilda, Beth Instructional Aide
Michelle Misiano, Ed.D. Misiano, Ed.D., Michelle Principal
Caitlin Murchison Murchison, Caitlin Extended Care Aide
Alba Nolasco Nolasco, Alba 4th/5th ELA Teacher
Micah Phipps Phipps, Micah Secondary School Social Studies & French Teacher
Jenny Price Price, Jenny School Secretary
Nikki Rodriguez Rodriguez, Nikki Secondary School ELA & Learning Strategies Teacher
Melody Roode Roode, Melody Instructional Aide
Laura Rosendahl Rosendahl, Laura Instructional Aide
Tania Schulze Schulze, Tania Instructional Aide
Lindsay Shaffer Shaffer, Lindsay Secondary School Science Teacher
Tamara Stephens Stephens, Tamara 4th/5th Math Teacher
Amber Tague Tague, Amber Secondary School Math Teacher
Dana Tilton Tilton, Dana School Secretary
Dana Tilton Tilton, Dana
Rose Tirado Tirado, Rose Instructional Aide
Shannon Trudell Trudell, Shannon 1st Grade Teacher
Sarah Wheeler Wheeler, Sarah K Teacher
Courtney Wiggins Wiggins, Courtney Instructional Aide
Karen Wiggins Wiggins, Karen Registrar
Matthew Wiggins Wiggins, Matthew Head of School
Stacy Wiggins Wiggins, Stacy ESE Specialist
Tarus Woelk Woelk, Tarus Linguistics/Secondary School Spanish Teacher
Mariel Zen Zen, Mariel Secondary School Bible Teacher/Discipleship Coordinator