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Thank you for considering a partnership with Calvary Christian Academy!

Preschool (2 years old - 4 years old)         $865 monthly

Elementary (Kindergarten-6th Grade)       $8,247.05

Secondary (7th-10th Grade)                       $8,362.81

New Student Application Fee      $50 

New Student Enrollment Fee       $125

Student Re-enrollment Fee          $100

Elementary I (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)     $450

Elementary II (3rd-6th Grade)                      $500

Secondary I (7th-8th Grade)                        $575

Secondary II (9th-10th Grade)                     $600

This fee is for recurring academic expenses for textbooks and classroom materials.

Elementary (Kindergarten-6th Grade)       $350

Secondary (7th-10th Grade)                       $450

This fee is for costs associated with activities fundamental to a comprehensive CCA experience, including, but not limited to,  athletics and fine arts participation, spiritual retreats, graduation, and a CCA yearbook for each student.

Security & Safety (Kindergarten-10th Grade)     $450

This fee goes toward ongoing investments in the improvement and sustainability of our security processes and personnel each year. 

Technology Fee (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)     $400

Technology Fee (3rd-8th Grade)                       $500

Technology Fee (9th-10th Grade)                     $525

This fee is for technology-related costs, including, but not limited to, a school-provided device, software, support, and network infrastructure improvements. Our High school students will receive a personal iPad to help with their academics. 

ExCEL Administration Fee     $50

This fee is for the process of working with the district to determine the eligibility of services, which includes classroom observation, data collection for the district, and multiple meetings with parents and the district.

ExCEL Program Fee               

See the ExCEL Program Fee Sheet for additional information.